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By Hayley DiMarco

Hayley DiMarco's God lady books and Bibles were an immense hit with youngster ladies. Now everyone's favourite huge sister and non secular mentor takes ladies on a 30-day trip right into a deeper courting with God. starting with a non secular cleanse after which following with an in-depth examine of the fruit of the Spirit, teenager women will examine what it skill to like, be cheerful, stay out peace, and lots more and plenty extra. Steeped in Scripture and with thought-provoking questions for ladies to respond to approximately their religious lives, The God woman Journey is ideal for the woman who's at the route to turning into a God lady and needs to take these subsequent serious steps to adulthood.

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Sure, some fruit will fall to the ground, rot, and return as nourishment to the soil and so to the roots. But the fruit is mostly meant not for the tree but for the gardener and those around the tree. So it is with the fruit of the Spirit: while it does nourish your life, it more significantly feeds those around you. When you react to life in his Spirit, they are fed his presence. They get to see his fingerprint on your life, evidence of his having saved you and changed you, and so they learn more about him, and they discover his beauty.

Love is selfless, not selfish. In fact, selfishness cannot love. It’s impossible, because selfishness puts self on the throne of life. Selfishness, by definition, puts self first, and that’s not love. Selfishness puts on others a list of requirements that they must meet before you will love them. This list is born out of self-protection, self-interest, and self-promotion. It is created, even if subconsciously, to protect your life from hurt and pain. But this obsession with your own wounds ends up diminishing Christ’s wounds.

Things don’t have to be peaceful around you in order for you to be peaceful within. Peace relies not on circumstances but on the Spirit. When your spirit is at peace with the Spirit of God, you have found it. You see, the foundation of peace in your life is peace with God. Without finding it with him at the foot of the cross, you will never find sustainable peace. The way you find that tranquility of heart and mind is through having a right relationship with him. This means that the battle between you must stop; even the fear of his judgment and condemnation must become a thing of the past.

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