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A advisor for a person whose stumble upon with a Shakespeare play - even if in functionality or at the revealed web page - has left them questioned as to what's happening. Robert Fallon explains the plot and unpacks the topics of Shakespeare's performs. He examines the main usually staged performs scene by means of scene and people much less often played act through act. those commentaries supply enticing remark on subject, personality, environment, poetry and level background. devoted theatregoers, scholars and academics will locate this an invaluable perception.

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Sentence See MATHEMATICAL SENTENCE. sequence Any ordered SET or list of quantities. The items in a sequence are called TERMs. GLOSSARY 36 rule method of specification – sequence series – solving the equation series The SUM of a specific SET of sequentially ordered TERMs. set Any collection of numbers, objects, or elements. Sets are usually identified by capital letters. For example, if a set called A consists of the numbers 2, 4, 6, and 8, it is identified as A = {2, 4, 6, 8}. sigma notation (summation notation) Derived from the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet, this symbol Σ is used to represent the SUM of all the values in an ARITHMETIC SEQUENCE.

A common VARIABLE used in algebra to signify an unknown quantity. 2. The variable used to signify the HORIZONTAL LINE in a Cartesian GRAPH (x-axis). x-axis The HORIZONTAL AXIS (horizontal NUMBER LINE) in a CARTESIAN COORDINATE SYSTEM graph. POSITIVE NUMBERs are to the right of the ORIGIN on the x-axis, and NEGATIVE NUMBERs are to the left of the origin on the x-axis. vertical line Vertical line x-intercept The point on a GRAPH in which a LINE SEGMENT intersects the x-axis, which is when y = 0. vertex – x-intercept GLOSSARY 43 GLOSSARY y-axis – Zero Product Property y-axis The VERTICAL AXIS (vertical NUMBER LINE) in a CARTESIAN graph.

Independent variable The VARIABLE in a direct variation formula that does not rely on the other variable for its value. For example, in y = kxn, y is the DEPENDENT VARIABLE, and x is the independent variable. index A number or variable used in ROOTs and POWERs to indicate the power of a quantity. For example, when taking a root of a number, as − 3− in √ 9 the index is 3; if no root is indicated, as in √25, the index is 2 (for the SQUARE ROOT). When raising a number to a power, as in 42, the index is 2; in 43, the index is 3, and so on, and in this case the index is often called the EXPONENT or the power.

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