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By Dani Asher, Moshe Tlamim

This quantity examines the army method and matters that Egyptian struggle planners confronted throughout the 1973 Yom Kippur warfare. Of significant curiosity is the connection among the political and army leaders and the way that affected the accumulation and process the clash. Taking this as a origin, the writer concentrates on how Soviet army doctrinal adjustments provided themselves among the belief of the Six-Day warfare and the Yom Kippur conflict.

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Egypt, too, did not accept it but neither did it officially reject it. It saw the plan as an attempt to isolate it from the rest of the Arab states through a separate agreement. The Egyptians noted that the plan did not call for Israel’s withdrawal from Sharm e-Sheikh and the Gaza Strip. Egypt preferred to work for the full implementation of UN Resolution 242. On December 25 the Israeli air force launched its largest air strike since the Six-Day War, across the entire canal front to a depth of twenty kilometers inside Egypt.

The question of preparing for fullscale war was undoubtedly discussed in this period, but answers were not forthcoming. Possible solutions remained in a perpetual state of debate, so that when the Yom Kippur War did erupt, Israel’s defense layout on the Suez Canal was caught unprepared and without the necessary infrastructure and a clearly formulated operational doctrine. In short, the IDF found itself without a decisive answer to Egypt’s modus operandi. The Egyptians wasted no time in overcoming the obstacles the IDF had constructed on the eastern bank.

Many units took part in these operations, especially special forces (commandos) but also infantry and engineering units. The size of the forces taking part in the canal crossings and the assaults on the east bank increased from small teams to battalion-size formations. In the night of July 9–10, 1969, a raid was made for the first time under the command of the recently established Third Army. An Egyptian commando battalion crossed the canal in the Suez southern sector, attacked an Israeli force in the tongue of Port Tufiq, knocked out three tanks, killed and wounded a number of soldiers, and withdrew with a small number of wounded.

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