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By Simon Tofield

Within the final 5 years, Simon's Cat has turn into a countrywide treasure and an international phenomenon. famous person of over twenty-five motion pictures, which were watched over 350 million occasions, and winner of a dozen significant awards, Simon's Cat has captured the hearts of an international viewers. during this first significant paperback version writer, animator and illustrator Simon Tofield brings jointly the easiest cartoons from the 1st 3 bestselling books, with particular new fabric and a distinct 'How to attract' part. This relatively is The Bumper booklet of Simon's Cat.

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She is the definition of ‘lap cat’ and the oldest of the gang being thirteen years old. She certainly lives up to her ‘naughty tortie’ image and has crazy moments of tearing around the house, wrecking everything in her path. Maisy Maisy is the undisputed queen of the house. She is a rescue cat and lived on the street for eight months. Even to this day she tries to cover her food to save it for later if she can't eat it all. She loves the outdoors and enjoys long sessions of sunbathing in the garden.

Even to this day she tries to cover her food to save it for later if she can't eat it all. She loves the outdoors and enjoys long sessions of sunbathing in the garden. She also loves a game but tends to play a bit too roughly for the other cats to join in. Although she puts the other cats in their place at feeding time, Maisy is as gentle as a kitten with me. She loves to sleep on my pillow, keeping me awake with her deafening purr. Hugh Hugh is the big softie of the house and his tiny high-pitched ‘mew’ lets me know it’s eight o’clock and time for dinner every night.

He loves to climb things and spends most of his time high up and looking down on the world. WI think he might have a little Maine Coone in him because he has a glorious long coat. He also loves to sit in the rain and get totally drenched. He then proceeds to walk around like a wet mop soaking everything. Teddy was the tiny long-haired kitten that helped me draw Kitten Chaos. All my cats continue to help me with inspiration in their own unique ways.

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