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By Julie Berry

A pleasant fairytale by means of a lyrical new voice.When Lucinda Chapdelaine was once a small baby, her mom and dad left for the royal ball and not back. Ever on account that, Lucinda has been caught in perpetual servitude at her evil aunt’s jewellery shop. Then, at the exact same day, a mysterious customer and a fair more strange piece of knickknack either input the store, surroundings in movement a string of twists and turns that might without end modify Lucinda’s direction. during this magical tale packed with pleasant surprises, Lucinda will dance on the royal ball, fall lower than the Amaranth Witch’s spell, avenge her mom and dad’ demise, and maybe—just maybe—capture the guts of a prince.

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She shook her head. " She gave a little hmph, half a laugh without the mirth. "I can eat," she said, "but I don't need to. " I dropped the lid to the empty flour barrel. "Well, I need to eat," I said. " She nodded. " She gestured out the window and across a meadow. "A farmer and his wife live across the way. They help me keep up the property. " I thought of the dozens of servants my parents had employed. Some tending indeed. "Ben and Leda don't mind the pale color of my skin, and they like the color of my coins," Beryl said.

Good evening, sirs," I said, curtsying once more. I turned to go, taking the first step toward success and freedom. Why, then, was it so hard to leave? Yet with each step my confidence swelled, my spirits rose. I'd done it! I'd danced with him, I'd kissed him, and he me. He loved me, if only for a moment, and on top of all that, I'd gotten Beryl's gem back! There must have been an enchantment in the air tonight. Some star had smiled kindly upon me. I quickened my steps. The flock of wolves held no terror for me now.

What was she doing here? Drinking Uncle's death away? She quivered with excitement. Behind her, a commotion moved its way closer. Lanterns swung by eager onlookers converged upon me like moths to a flame. With a sickening heart I saw the prince and his guards approach. Gregor talked and smiled and pointed at me. With despair I realized he thought he was about to clear up a jolly mistake involving his new friend, Miss Peters. I hid my face behind my empty hands. " the constable demanded. Who was I?

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