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By James Anderson

The Thirties state residence celebration filled with crooks, police officers, and the standard suspects body the proper scene of the crime. This one assembles the entire correct ingredients--the robbery of the fabled diamond necklace, the purloined vintage pistols, the key passage, the ravishing baroness with a previous, the physique within the lake.... What a gorgeous puzzle! "Don't count on me to resolve anything," Inspector Wilkens pronounces. yet after all, he does: robbery, espionage, impersonations (triple, on the very least), blackmail, homicide. The suspects contain a noble host and hostess, a jewel thief and overseas brokers in conceal, vibrant younger issues, mysterious mature males, a Texas millionaire, and, after all, the butler. Crime connoisseurs will realize the elements for a zany pastiche, a pleasant romp paying tribute to the previous whereas titillating the current. And what does the blood-stained egg comfortable need to do with something?

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