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By Amatzia Avni

Written by way of a qualified psychologist, this publication explains the significance of suprise in disorienting and disarming an opponent in a video game of chess. '

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44 hxg5 *X&+ 45 &g1 Wdl+ 46 &g2 we2+ 47 &h3 wxf3!! One would think that in return for his sacrificed rook, Black intends to mate his rival's king... wxe3+ 54 Ed4 c2. 53 We7+ 54 &b6 Wxa7+! 55 h a 7 (68) ... Makarychev - Naumkin Moscow Ch 1983 28 Ec7 Wxa3 The threat was 29 Ab4. 30 k b 4 Wf3! is unclear. 29 '##cl!! White opts for an ending, not a mating attack! 29 wxcl+ 30 Axcl &d8 31 Xxa7 Xe8 32 &a3 (70) ... exchanging queens! 55 c2 0-1 ... See diagram 69 opposite. White is a pawn down, but Black has not finished his development.

The psychological basis of Polugaevsky's plan was: surely Gufeld won't decide to give up his favourite bishop" (Gufeld, 1994). It proved very effective. with Black having the more comfortable game (0-1'46). E3) Choice of an off-beat weapon Sometimes the enemy pursues ordinary schemes by employing rare (at least for him) weapons. A defensive player may play aggressively; a player with a tendency for combinations suddenly heads for a technical endgame; and so on. See diagram 66 opposite. 19 Axe51 GM Eduard Gufeld is known for his predilection for King Indian formations, and, even more, for his devotion to the g7-bishop.

43 9133 Black has a clear advantage, despite being a pawn down. With the following moves he increases his pressure. 44 &l Pb2+ 45 &g1 Ae7 46 E b l X x b l 4 7 a x b l w b 8 48 Qc3 k c 4 49 k f l &d4! 50 u x d 4 50 k x c 4 kxc5. 34 Surprise in Chess - Soto Larrea Ortega Cuba 1953 What has happened? It transpires that if 53 &g2 wh7!! then after all the wrestling on the queenside, the coup-de-gr&e comes on the kingside! A spectacular finish. In diagram 35 White enjoys a considerable space advantage and MatuloviC - Tsvetkov Varna 1966 pressure on the weak point f7.

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