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By Emma Lila Fundaburk

This vintage compendium of historic Indian artifacts from the full southeastern usa is still an critical reference resource for pros and lovers alike.

From utilitarian arrowheads to appealing stone effigy pipes to ornately-carved shell disks, the pictures and drawings in Sun Circles and Human palms current the archaeological list of the paintings and local crafts of the prehistoric southeastern Indians. Painstakingly compiled within the Fifties through sisters who traveled the japanese usa interviewing archaeologists and creditors and vacationing the most important repositories, Sun Circles and Human Hands is striking for its breadth of representation of Indian-made artifacts and its accomplished documentation. even though examine over the past 50 years has disproven a number of the early theories said within the text—which weren't the editors' theories yet these of the archaeologists of the day—the first-class illustrations of items not to be had for exam have greater than established the lasting worthy of this renowned book.

Broadly acclaimed whilst it first seemed, this new printing has the additional price of Knight's foreword, which areas the paintings in its right context. invaluable to museums, nation and nationwide parks, college libraries, reward shops, archaeological corporations, and personal collections, Sun Circles and Human Hands is a wealthy pictorial survey available to a person drawn to early American Indian tradition.

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B. c. d. ( 9) THE (10) THE the Plume the Baton SPOOLS wood stone copper-covered wood copper-covered stone HAFTED CelT PIERCED CELT (11) THE MONOLITHIC AXE (12) THE BATON (13) EFFIGY PIPES a. squatting humans b. human figure with bowl c. cat pipes (14) NOTCHED STONE DISCS (15) DISCOIDAL STONES (16) CONCH SHelL BOWLS (17) CEREMONIAL FLINTS (18) BOTTLES a. painted b. bipartite c. tripartite "CIRCULAR GORGETS OF SHelL were divided by Holmes33 into the following categories: (1) the Cross, (2) the Scalloped Disc, (3) the Bird, (4) the Spider, (5) the Serpent and (6) the Human figure.

1 (VIII). 11 Fig. 4 band c. Fowke, 1910. Plates XVI, XVII, XVIII, and XIX. Moorehead, 1932. Figs 9, 10 and 11. 10 Fig. 4 a and d. Fig. 5 a, b, c and f. Moorehead, 1932. Figs 12, 13, 14, 26 a and b, 27, 29 and 30. M. A. I. Cat. No. 18/9309 and 18/9125. 10 Fig. 4 e, f, g, hand i. Moorehead, 1932. Figs. 31 and 32 a, b, c, d and e. '0 Moorehead, 1932. Fig. 32c. Jackson, 1935. 18/9125. 40 CEREMONIAL COMPLEX Woodpecker, always naturalistic j 19 (c) the Turkey, always naturalistic. 2o 2. The RATTLESNAKE, naturalistic,21 horned,22 plumed':~3 winged,24 anthropomorphized 25 or in any combination of these.

The following quotations regarding Late Mississippi or Historic Period trade refer not only to traffic in durabletype objects, but also to exchange of many perishable-type articles, some of which were doubtless traded in prehistoric times. HISTORIC TRADE Quotation from John R. Swanton, THE INDIANS OF THE SOUTHEASTERN UNITED STATES, Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 137, 1946, pp_ 736-742 (Quoted courtesy Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology). "Du Pratz speaks of a Yazoo who asserted he had been as far west as the shores of the Pacific,13 some 11 Archeological pUblications are full of references to exotic material found at native sites throuqhout the Southeast.

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