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By Paul du Chaillu

Tales of the exciting adventures and hair-raising escapes of Paul du Chaillu in the course of his years of venturing into the internal of equatorial Africa, encountering animals and points of interest no white guy had noticeable earlier than. The debts of his interactions with gorillas, snakes, and ants are specifically enticing. a number of black and white illustrations supplement the textual content. appropriate for a while eleven and up.

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I went to see what was the matter. What a sight met my eyes! The men had their bodies painted in different colors. Some had one cheek red and the other white or yellow. A broad white or yellow stripe was painted across the middle of the chest and along both the arms. Others had their bodies spotted. Most ugly they looked! The women wore several iron or brass rings around their wrists and ankles. Then the singing began, and the dancing! I had never seen such dancing before. It was very ungraceful.

I confess that I myself inclined toward the wild boar; and I believe that almost every one had the same wish, for that animal, when fat, is very good eating. Indeed, they already began to talk as if the pig were actually before them. All fancied they could eat a whole leg apiece, and their mouths fairly watered in thinking about it. No wonder they are so fond of meat, they have it so seldom. Who among us does not relish a good dinner, I should like to know? By-and-by all became silent; one after the other we fell asleep, with the exception of two or three men who were to watch over the fires and keep them bright; for there were plenty of leopards prowling in the neighboring forest, and none of us wanted to serve as a meal for them.

So I resolved that I would try to see all these native tribes; that I would have a peep at the Cannibals; that I would have a good look also at the dwarfs. " Yes, I am certain that every one of you would have felt as I did. CHAPTER III A Week in the Woods FIGHT WITH A BUFFALO. —SICK WITH THE FEVER. NOW, boys, fancy yourselves transported into the midst of a very dense and dark forest, where the trees never shed their leaves all at one time, where there is no food to be had except what you can get with your gun, and where wild beasts prowl around you at night while you sleep.

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