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By Mia Amalia Kanner, Eve Rosenzweig Kugler

In Shattered Crystals, Mia Amalia Kanner recounts the real tale of her determined fight to save lots of her family members from annihilation in Nazi Germany and war-torn France. but this can be even more than a Holocaust background. it's a few brave Jewish girl who, on discovering herself destitute, turns into a cook dinner in a house for war-displaced Jewish kids. She faces an agonizing selection. Is giving up her 3 younger daughters essential to keep their lives?
Mia's odyssey is usually a love tale of a extraordinary girl who secures her husband's unencumber from Buchenwald focus camp. Then, throughout the darkest days of the struggle, he's arrested in France. Now she needs to have the option to avoid wasting him from deportation to the demise camps.
Before Hitler, they'd been a standard kin. As Mia and her husband face ever expanding probability and persecution, readers locate themselves asking, “What could i've got done?”

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I had done nothing but sit for five hours, first on the train and then in the waiting room. Besides, I felt I could make my point better on my feet. “You promised us a visa. You skipped our turn on the list, and now my husband is in Buchenwald. Where is our visa? ” I had not intended to shout, but my self-control vanished. I screamed at this stranger who had given our visa away to another family. I poured out all the rage that I had pent up for the past three days. “Please, please, calm down. We will get it for you, I promise.

Markus looked at him oddly. “All right,” he said. Then he put the roll back in his coat pocket. I watched him walking back down the Reilstrasse. He seemed so small between his escorts. The brim of his black hat just reached the black swastika on the white arm-bands of the tall, polite Nazi policemen. I watched the three men until they disappeared. When I couldn't see them any more, I went into the store. “All his papers are in order, Sal. His passport is good. ” Sal was visibly alarmed. “I don't like it,” he said.

When life had followed orderly procedures, I would have been ashamed of the way I acted now. As it was now, I faced strange officials, pleaded, cajoled, and lost my temper without a shred of shame. I followed up the flimsiest rumors that I overheard in consular waiting rooms. When a chic, perfumed woman whispered that the French Consul could be bribed, I rushed to a telephone and begged Hannah to go back to the foreign office. “A woman at the French consulate said there are ways if you are willing to pay,” I said desperately.

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