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By Richard Brightfield

Mystery of the Pyramids (Choose your personal event, No. 19)

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I see that you two appear to have bumped your heads together. Most unfortunate. " Turn to page 68. 28 "If it will help me rescue Bruce, I'll join," you say. "Then step into the triangle on the ground in front of you," says the speaker. You look down. Strange—the triangle has the same design as the coin you tossed down the shaft, only much larger. As you step forward, a strong energy floods through you, and an intense light surrounds your body. You close your eyes but the light's brightness does not diminish.

60 You must save yourself and Bruce. Your instinct takes over as you reach for a short length of pipe on the floor of the truck and lunge at the larger of the two men. You hit his hand with the pipe. He backs off, howling with pain, and you jump out of the truck. But where is the other man? Wham! He gets you from behind. You wake up bound hand and foot in a small compartment. You can tell you're aboard an airplane from the sound and the vibrations. Your uncle is tied up next to you. He has a wide, bloodstained bandage around his head.

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