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By Anne Bishop

Nationwide bestselling writer Anne Bishop's provocative hardcover debut, set in a darkly romantic, ever-changing international. a global of transferring lands hooked up simply by means of bridges, Ephemera has been stored strong via the magic of the Landscapers. in a single land the place evening reigns and demons stay, the half-incubus Sebastian revels in darkish delights. yet then in goals she calls to him: a girl who desires purely to be secure and loved-a girl he hungers for whereas figuring out he may perhaps smash her. yet a extra devastating future awaits Sebastian, for within the quiet gardens of the Landscapers' university, evil is stirring. The approximately forgotten Eater of the area has escaped its prison-and Sebastian's realm could be the first to fall.

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Panting, It braced scraped, bloodied hands against the stones as It tried to crush the fear taking root inside It. The creatures called Landscapers were so diminished they were no longer a threat, were no more than feeble barriers standing in the way of Its desire to turn all of Ephemera into dark landscapes full of terrors shaped from the heart's deepest fears. But the one who had touched this place… A True Enemy was still out there. Somewhere. Changing back to Its natural form, It swam beneath the sand until It reached the pile of bones that were Its anchor to the lair of the Landscapers and Bridges.

It will happen, has already happened. Sated, It withdrew the mental tentacles. It had found the Dark Ones. But something tickled old memories, nudging them into a different pattern. So It turned away, intending to leave the city, pleased that It knew where to find the Dark Ones but they didn't know how to find It. Then a mind, rising up into the twilight from uneasy sleep, caught Its attention. Seduced by the powerful emotions, It extended a tentacle, slipped into that mind. Yes, It whispered eagerly.

Every wife of a prosperous man wears a gold bracelet," Koltak growled. " "I don't know! " Koltak paled, but Sebastian couldn't tell if it was because of what he'd said or because he'd raised his voice. "Listen to me, Koltak. Something came into the Den that is brutal and vicious. It killed a succubus a few days ago. " "It's not just demons who live in the Den. " Koltak's lips pulled back in a rabid snarl. " Sebastian looked away. Apparently those heart-wounds hadn't scarred over enough after all.

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