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By Lars Schandorff

The ability of the Queen's Gambit is past query, although it permits a few critical defences - the Slav and Semi-Slav are favoured by way of the elite. Kasparov used to be taking part in the Queen's Gambit authorized till he retired, and the Queen's Gambit Declined has been depended on for a century. The principled means for White to construct a repertoire after 1.d4 d5 2.c4 is to play the serious major strains. Take as a lot area as attainable - no compromises. The Tarrasch, Chigorin, Albin and all minor strains also are met with a similar power - this can be a whole White repertoire after 1.d4 d5 2.c4.

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So how can White win? Am azing as it seems, White can queen a pawn on the king side without any help from his king! Here's how he does it: 1 g5-g6! This looks like it will j ust lead to an exchange of pawns. 1 2 h7xg6 f5-f6!! What's this ? White seems to be giving up a couple of pawns. 2 g7xf6 Black has to capture or White will play f6xg7, queening the pawn. 3 h5-h6! . and wins! In two turns, the pawn will push through to h7 and h8, queening. After that, it will be easy to pick off Black's p awns and deliver checkmate.

Once again, if Black moves forward with Ka6-a5 , White has Rb l -al mate. So- 10 11 12 Kc5-c6 Kc6-c7 Ka6-a7 Ka7-a8 Ka8-a7 Once Black reaches the corner, no escape is possible. Then Black has to move forward. 30 BASIC C H ECKMATES Rb1-a1 checkmate 13 a b c d e f g h Diagram 10: Black is checkmated Checkmating with a rook should take 1 5-20 moves from the most unfavorable starting positions. Study this example carefully until you understand how to maneuver the enemy king to the edge of the board.

Advance the queen-sige pawns to create a p assed pawn. 3 . Use that pawn as a decoy to deflect Black's king. 4. Invade the undefended king-side with the king. 5. Capture e�pugh pa�ns to ensure victory. Let's see how White carries out the plan. 1 Kg1-fl The first job is to centralize the king. The king is a slow-mov­ ing piece, and it takes him awhile to get to the scene of the action. If you centralize him first, he'll be ready to go where he's needed. Kg8-f8 1 The same advice applies to Black.

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