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By Neil McDonald

The Dutch Defence is one in all Black’s such a lot enterprising solutions to at least one d4. Black strives to unbalance the location by way of growing an asymmetrical pawn constitution at the first actual movement, giving himself each chance to struggle for the initiative from the outset. In this e-book, Neil McDonald tells you every thing you want to understand as a way to play this commencing effectively. He presents the reader with a complete repertoire opposed to 1 d4, with the dynamic Leningrad version as Black’s major weapon. learn this booklet and play the Dutch with self belief!

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In contrast to White's 2 liJc3, Bl ack avoids blocking in his c-pawn with ... liJc6. He intends to build up with ... liJf6, ... e7-e6, ... c7-c5 and only then ... liJc6. If he succeeds he h as a big g er centre than White. Such a strategy, with its multiple pawn moves, l ooks risky. However, Black is trustin g in the solidity of the Stonewall centre and the fact that White cannot easily arrange a pawn break. The move 3 ... a6 actually m akes the bl ack centre safer as it rules out an attack on it based on liJb5 followed by c2-c4.

Meanwhile f2-f3 is hanging over his head: once the knight i s driven back from e4, the en­ ergy in Black's set-up would begin to fade and his positional weaknesses come to the fore - a backward pawn on an open file on e6, and dark-square holes on c5 and e 5 . 1o ... ltd6 ! Bartel plays the move he wants to play, even though it costs him a pawn . xa6 l:tb8 The pawn sacrifice h as increased the size of Black's centre and removed from the board his passive bishop on c8. The white knights that were putting pressure on the c5 and e 5 dark squares have al so vanished.

The upshot is that once White's bishop is chased to g 3 , it will enjoy an open diagonal and access to the es-square. Do we care? Let's see how Graf, a 2600-rated pl ayer, m akes it work for Black. es A challenging move. xf6, doubling our pawn s, which would be bad enough anyway without the disruptive queen check after 7 ... exf6 by 8 Vh s+. g3 I assume th at Graf would have developed his king side normally: 6 ... g 7 7 tDf3 0-0 8 tDe s, but now, de­ spite being an advocate of ... tDe4 in the Stonewall set-up, I have to say that 8 ...

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