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10 Part I: Hello, PC! oven uses lethal beams of energy to cook food. And, the TV remote helps you gain valuable fat cells, vital to keeping you alive through lean times, by preventing you from walking the short distance to your television set. Truly, you have nothing to fear from modern technology after you understand it. At its most basic level, the computer is a gadget that receives input, does something with that input, and then produces output. Figure 1-1 cheerfully illustrates this concept.

The printer requires power, so you need to plug it into a wall socket. See the section “It Must Have Power,” later in this chapter. ✓ The printer’s USB cable has unique ends. One goes into the printer; the other goes into the console. You cannot plug the thing in backward. ✓ Older printers and PCs could use what’s called, surprisingly, a printer cable to connect the console to a PC. Like a USB cable, the printer cable cannot be plugged in backward. If you’re cursed with such a setup, be sure to use a bidirectional cable.

Temporary storage is supplied as memory, or RAM. Memory is where the processor does its work, where programs run, and where information is stored while it’s being worked on. RAM is the microprocessor’s playground, its workshop, its den. Long-term storage in a modern computer is provided by storage media. Storage media includes hard drives, flash drives, media cards, optical discs, and CDs and DVDs. Long-term storage allows information to be saved and recalled for later use — like putting clothes in a closet or all your junk in a storage unit.

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