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PUT_LINE(v_name||'born on'||v_dob); END; A) If you ran this example in a SQL*Plus or Oracle SQL Developer, what would be the result? ANSWER: Assuming that SET SERVEROUTPUT ON had been issued, you would get only born on. The reason is that the variables v_name and v_dob have no values. 1 Exercises 26 B) Run the example and see what happens. Explain what is happening as the focus moves from one line to the next. ANSWER: Three variables are declared. When each one is declared, its initial value is null.

This section contains executable statements that allow you to manipulate the variables that have been declared in the declaration section. 1 PL/SQL in Client/Server Architecture 6 This example shows the executable section of the PL/SQL block. It begins with the keyword BEGIN and contains a SELECT INTO statement from the STUDENT table. The first and last names for student ID 123 are selected into two variables: v_first_name and v_last_name. PUT_LINE statement. This statement is covered in greater detail later in this chapter.

Substitution variables cannot be used to output values, because no memory is allocated for them. SQL*Plus substitutes a variable before the PL/SQL block is sent to the database. Substitution variables usually are prefixed by the ampersand (&) or double ampersand (&&) characters. PUT_LINE ('There is no such student'); END; When this example is executed, the user is asked to provide a value for the student ID. The student’s name is then retrieved from the STUDENT table if there is a record with the given student ID.

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