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Refer to Table 2–5, “nzttPersona”. 4 nzttIdentity The identity structure contains information about an identity. Refer to Table 2–6, “nzttIdentity”. Table 2–6 nzttIdentity Type Name Description size_t aliaslen_nzttIdentity Length of alias text alias_nzttIdentity Alias size_t commentlen_nzttIdentity Length of comment text comment_nzttIdentity Comment nzttIdentityPrivate private_nzttIdentity Opaque part of identity 2-6 Oracle Cryptographic Toolkit Programmer’s Guide 3 Concepts This chapter discusses concepts behind the Oracle Cryptographic Toolkit.

The OCI process and environment have already been initialized. */ OCIHandleAlloc((dvoid *) env_handle, (dvoid **) &error_handle, (ub4) OCI_HTYPE_ERROR, (size_t) 0,(dvoid **) 0), OCIHandleAlloc((dvoid *) env_handle, (dvoid **) &security_handle, (ub4) OCI_HTYPE_SECURITY, (size_t) 0, (dvoid **) 0); OCISecurityInitialize(security_handle, error_handle); 2. Typically, an application will first need to open a wallet in order to get its persona and gain access to the list of trusted identities. The wallet location is specified through a Wallet Resource Locator (WRL), and if the contents have been protected with a password, the correct password must be provided as well.

Decryption The process of converting the contents of an encrypted message (ciphertext) back into its original readable format (plaintext). Digital Signature A public key algorithm is used to sign the sender’s message with the sender’s private key. The digital signature means that the document is authentic, has not been 3-2 Oracle Cryptographic Toolkit Programmer’s Guide Security Concepts forged by another entity, has not been altered, and cannot be repudiated by the sender. Encryption The process of disguising the contents of a message and rendering it unreadable (ciphertext) to anyone but the intended recipient.

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