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By Justin Richards

On modern Earth, the physician and Sam detect an old mystery society is attempting to begin a nuclear conflict. An optical secret compounds their confusion and the mysterious US-owned Station 9 brings extra difficulties for them to unravel.

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Silver stopped, considered. Then he smiled. 'I'm sorry, I get carried away sometimes. Of course, it is not important. Not important at all. Though it might help me now if I knew what aspect of UK-US relations is Pickering involved in. ' Sam thought back over her conversation with Pickering in the pub. Then she remembered Colonel Roskov. 'I think it's something to do with nuclear bases,' she hazarded. Silver said nothing for several seconds. His eyes were bright with interest as he turned back to Pickering.

Silver introduced us in the hall just now. He didn't say much, but apparently Roskov runs some sort of military base in a place called -' Pickering cut him off. 'Krejikistan,' he said. 'I thought,' said Sam, 'that you didn't know anything about ex-Soviet states. ' Pickering nodded. 'Not terribly well known. ' the Doctor asked, setting down his empty cup. 'I assume that it isn't part of your job to recognise the name, rank, and serial number of every base commander in the ex-Soviet Union, though.

But when I found the painting last night, someone -someone in this house - cared enough to snatch it from us. ' Sargent laughed. 'You're taking a risk, then, aren't you, Doctor? You weren't here last night. ' 'Or his wife. Or Miss Allworthy the housekeeper. Tanner at a pinch - his lodge is close by. ' The Doctor did not sound convinced. 'Well, whoever it is, we may be one step ahead of them now. ' Sam put her hands on her hips, her head slightly to one side. ' 'Fair enough. ' She paused at the door.

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