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By Ellis Peters

Whilst a customer to the abbey dies, Brother Cadfael faces a private drama. For not just used to be the guy poisoned through monk's hood oil, made in Cadfael's personal laboratory, the useless man's widow can be the lady to whom Cadfael used to be betrothed ahead of he took his vows.

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He did as he had been instructed, but after his own fashion, seeing to it that the portion he set aside for the unoffending guest was the choicest part of the flesh, and laced with the richest helping of the sauce. ” he said, after a final tasting, and unable to suppress his satisfaction in his own skills. ” Brother Cadfael on his way to the refectory saw Aelfric crossing the great court from the abbot’s kitchen, heading quickly for the gatehouse, bearing before him a high-rimmed wooden tray laden with covered dishes.

They had reached the grace after meat, and were rising from table, when the door flew open almost in Brother Richard’s face, and a lay brother from the porter’s lodge burst in, babbling incoherently for Brother Edmund, but too short of breath from running to explain the need. ” Brother Edmund gripped him by the arm. “What ails him? Is it a stroke? ” “No, from what the girl said, not that. ” By the sound of it, she was a good witness, too, thought Cadfael, already making for the door and his workshop at a purposeful trot.

Not everyone was so fortunate. Aelfric came to the hut in the afternoon of a cloudy day, to ask for some dried mint. ” “I hear he’s somewhat out of humour and health,” said Cadfael, rustling the linen bags that gave forth such rich, heady scents upon the air. The young man’s nostrils quivered and widened with pleasure, inhaling close sweetness. In the soft light within, his wary face eased a little. “There’s not much ails him, more of the mind than the body. He’ll be well enough when he plucks up heart.

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