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By G. Graner, E. Hirota, T. Iijima, K. Kuchitsu, D.A. Ramsay, J. Vogt, N. Vogt

Volume II/28 is a supplemented and revised variation of the previous volumes II/7, II/15, II/21, II/23 and II/25, containing modern details at the geometric parameters (internuclear distances, bond angles, dihedral angles of inner rotation etc.) of unfastened inorganic and natural polyatomic molecules. All experimental equipment for the choice of quantitative structural info of unfastened molecules were thought of: microwave, infrared, Raman, digital and photoelectron spectroscopy in addition to electron diffraction. the knowledge acquired through those tools were seriously evaluated and compiled. they're offered individually for every molecule, including a computer-drawn schematic determine of the constitution and the unique literature.

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