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And they like each other. It’s a true love triangle. Seriously bubbly. But one of them must be her true Prince Charming, right? So which one? I have been giving this a lot of thought, and I’ve decided that the best way to judge them is to subject them both to the indignities of a boyfriend quiz, like the kind that Tally could have found in one of those Rusty magazines. . Q: Is he a good kisser? You might think this is a shallow question. . Fine, it is a shallow question. But kissing is important in the Uglies series.

Tally’s been in the Smoke for less than one day when David decides that she’s a superior class of runaway. ”4 David goes on to confide his deep, dark secret—that he was born in the Smoke. Under normal circumstances, he’d never reveal this to someone that he’s just met, but Tally’s different, remember? He senses she can be trusted. 5 How dare Shay decide that Tally’s trustworthy? Only David is qualified to make judgments like that! Oh, and maybe Tally is too, since (as far as David knows) she left a set of directions for her boyfriend.

After all, with Tally subservient to Shay’s will, what could it hurt to have They’ve always had a pretty physical friendship, filled with hugs, handholding, and crying in each other’s laps, but the sheer number of times Shay touches Tally in Specials, usually in an aggressive, predatory, possessive way, is eye-opening. The language is the same kind one would use to describe an abusive spouse. 5 50 mind - rain Zane around as a lesser Special, as long as he can prove he’s worthy? Given his brain damage, such an event seems unlikely, and Shay probably knows it.

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