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Action: No action is required. The archived redo log file may be removed from its current location to conserve disk space, if needed. However, the redo log file may still be required for another recovery session in the future. ORA-00279 change string generated at string needed for thread string Cause: The requested log is required to proceed with recovery. 2-28 Error Messages Action: Supply the requested log with ALTER DATABASE RECOVER LOGFILE filename or cancel recovery with ALTER DATABASE RECOVER CANCEL.

ORA-00061 another instance has a different DML_LOCKS setting Cause: The shared instance being started is using DML locks, and the running instances are not, or vice-versa. Action: Either: ■ 2-6 Error Messages Do not use DML_LOCKS by setting DML_LOCKS to zero at all instances or ■ Use DML_LOCKS by setting DML_LOCKS to a positive integer at all instances. ORA-00062 DML full-table lock cannot be acquired; DML_LOCKS is 0 Cause: The instance was started with the value of DML_LOCKS set to zero, and the statement being executed needs a full-table lock (S, X, or SSX).

Delete unused files. ORA-00209 control file blocksize mismatch, check alert log for more info Cause: The block size in the control file header does not match the size specified in the DB_BLOCK_SIZE parameter. 2-18 Error Messages Action: Reduce the block size to the amount specified in the message and try again. ORA-00210 cannot open the specified controlfile Cause: Cannot open the control file. Action: Check to make sure the control file exists and is not locked by some other program. ORA-00211 controlfile does not match previous controlfiles Cause: A control file was specified that belongs to another database.

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