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By Martin J. Wiener

This booklet examines the remedy of violence through males opposed to ladies in nineteenth-century England. legal legislations got here to punish violence extra systematically and critically in the course of Victoria's reign since it used to be selling a brand new, extra pacific excellent of manliness. but, this it appears innovative criminal improvement prompted robust resistance, not just from violent males yet others who engaged in arguments approximately democracy, humanitarianism and patriarchy to set up sympathy with ''men of blood.''

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By mid-century, fears for the safety of property were to ease, and “criminal anxieties” were to shift in the direction of crimes against the person. One chapter in English criminal justice history was closing and another was opening. As crimes against property evoked less fear, crimes against the person were evoking more. Correspondingly, the prosecution and punishment of the former eased. 70 The everyday proceedings of justice, case by case, level by level, gradually turned a rising hostility to interpersonal violence into specific action.

82 In regarding them also, the treatment of women became a touchstone. Such a trope flourished particularly in the second half of the century. A gang rape by Lancashire pitmen of a tramp woman they found lying drunk in a ditch in 1874, who died of her injuries, provoked the Daily Telegraph to compare such people unfavorably with the African savages recently described by Dr.

One face of the war on violence was certainly a class war, and it was often vigorously resisted in these same terms. Yet class, and the differences in perceptions of violence and outright contestations over its perpetrators’ culpability and punishment it encouraged, was not the only social framework through which the war on violence was waged. ” The nineteenth-century criminal justice process simultaneously applied its universalistic language as an instrument of “social control” in two ways – against members of the working classes and against men (and thus, of course, particularly – though never exclusively – against working-class men).

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