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By Iain Gale

'Man of Honour' is the 1st in a gorgeous new sequence from revered army historian, Iain Gale, excellent for all fanatics of Sharpe. Meet Lieutenant Jack metal -- gentleman, soldier, hero. top Bavaria, 1704. The British military, triumphant, unbeaten because the Peninsula struggle, stands proudly to realization, able to struggle for honour and glory. Their enemy is Louis XIV of France, a megalomaniac rationale on owning all Europe. between this proud staff of guys stands Lieutenant Jack metal, fashionable via his males, the best infantry in Queen Anne's military. a lot praised for his braveness, his energy, and his loyalty, metal has come to the eye of his Commander in leader, the Duke of Marlborough. Tasked with rescuing a letter whose debatable contents may smash Marlborough, metal leads his males throughout the conflict of Blenheim, risking loss of life and destruction within the struggle for one more man's honour. And alongside the way in which he's continually threatened from inside by way of the mellifluous significant Jennings, motive on destroying metal and all he stands for. the 1st in a beautiful new sequence that includes Jack metal, guy of Honour is old experience excellent for all enthusiasts of Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe.

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Court martial? He began to sweat. There was nothing for it now though but to continue, whatever the consequences. He would take all the blame and exonerate Hansam. He would face the terrible charge of desertion in the face of the enemy on his own. Steel slipped on the muddy floor of the ditch, and swore. His thighs and back had begun to ache from the exertion of travelling bent over. They seemed to be taking an eternity to cover such a small distance. At length, after some eighty yards, they came to another junction.

Just war. You of all men know that. Ours is a bloody business and that was a job well done. Besides …’ He was drowned out by a guffaw of laughter and furious applause from a nearby table. Steel looked across at the source of the noise. Major the Honourable Aubrey Jennings was clearly in his element. This was just the sort of opportunity for which he had been waiting. A real chance to puff his ego and spread word of his military prowess throughout the army. Jennings sat at the head of a long table, surrounded by the eager faces of a dozen rosy-cheeked junior officers from his regiment and others of the Brigade.

He was alive. He would live through this. Just put one foot in front of the other and walk forward. That was it. Slowly he began to advance, and got into an automatic rhythm. Easier now. He raised his sword. It was the right time to say something now. The words flew from him. ‘Grenadiers. ’ Again they started to climb the slope and with every pace more men fell, as more of the deadly black balls hurtled down towards them. Two hundred yards more now, he guessed. All they had to do was carry on and they’d be there.

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