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By Kit Berry

Sylvie is loss of life. A sufferer of crippling bronchial asthma, poisoned via the pollutants and chemical compounds of recent lifestyles, Sylvie is trapped in a sanatorium mattress. there is an alternate group hidden away in a nook of Dorset. If their chief might enable Sylvie stopover at, then might be the fresh air and eco-friendly way of life may possibly fix her energy.

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He sensed the movement of hares further down the hill. Creatures of the full moon, they gathered at this special stone every month and seemed to welcome his silent presence. He took a shuddering breath and touched his cheek. The cut had begun to heal, closing over into a thin scar that would mark him for life. The boy shut his eyes and hugged his knees, shivering and alone in the moonlight. Up here, by the stone on the hill, no one could touch him. Up here no one could hear him cry. 1 Sylvie gazed through the barred window at the white bird of prey circling high overhead.

She hoped desperately that she’d made the right decision and was now besieged by last minute doubts. But then she remembered Magus’ kindness that day in his office. He knew they were penniless and alone in the world, and how seriously ill Sylvie was. A man of his means and background would never let them down – he’d take care of them. Feeling comforted by that thought, Miranda finally slept. But her sleep was haunted by the ghost of her past. The memory replayed itself for the thousandth time, buried firmly during the day but using the dark night, as she slept, to rise from the grave.

Our priority is to get Sylvie healthy again. I want you to treat these first few weeks as an extended holiday, one that you both need very much. Enjoy the countryside and spring weather and reconnect with nature. Many of the students you’ll be teaching are away in Europe anyway. ’ ‘Sorry,’ he smiled, ‘I forget how different it is here. We celebrate Beltane at the beginning of May. ’ asked Sylvie in delight, perking up again. ‘I’ve heard of that. ’ ‘I’m sure you will, and it’ll be a lovely introduction to our customs.

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