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The prefix crypto- refers to something that is secret or hidden). Old Christians of the time WORDS IN CONTEXT had other names for them: secret Jews were marrano marranos (an insulting slang term meaning A derogatory slang “pig”); their Muslim counterparts were typiword for a Jew who has cally referred to simply as moriscos, the same outwardly converted to term used for converted Muslims in general. Christianity but pracCrypto-Jews and crypto-Muslims pubtices Judaism in secret. licly celebrated major life events such as weddings in Catholic churches.

In March 1492, Ferdinand and Isabella issued the Edict of Expulsion requiring Jews—as well as Muslims—to convert to Christianity, leave Spain, or face certain death. ”49 According to some sources, in 1486 at least one group of Jews began plotting just such an uprising. According to this story, an alliance of prominent Jews in Seville planned to assassinate several inquisitors. They succeeded in killing one, but the rest of the plan was not completed. This was because the daughter of one of the conspirators told her lover, an Old Christian, about the plot.

However, the inquisitor-general preferred to stay out of the public eye and lead a quiet, austere life of prayer and devotion to his work—that is, a life that was simple and without luxuries. He was known to wear a shirt of uncomfortably rough cloth under his black robes, to emphasize the need for humility and the willingness to suffer for one’s faith. He also 57 In Their Own Words The Zeal for Religious Truth Although Torquemada wrote many documents regulating the Inquisition, other clergymen also contributed their thoughts.

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