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By Lewis Carroll, Sterling Professor of the Humanities Harold Bloom

Alice was once starting to get very bored with sitting by means of her sister at the financial institution, and of getting not anything to do: a couple of times she had peeped into the ebook her sister was once studying, however it had no photographs or conversations in it, and what's using a book,' suggestion Alice `without photographs or dialog?

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10, 1863. Pictures in M. S. finished Sept. ), 1864. M. S. finally sent to Alice, Nov. ” On July 5 he met the Liddells at the station. They were all on their way to London by the same train. It seems likely he did not sit with them, because he noted writing out the “heads” of the story on the train. It was nearly two and a half years before Alice received the weirdly illustrated little 22 Florence Becker Lennon green book, with the story beautifully written out in Dodgson’s best library script. The Liddell children read and reread it, and kept it on the deanery table for their guests to enjoy.

The name, Didus ineptus, connotes stupidity. Today— though not in 1862—Dodo and Dodgson are juxtaposed in the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Why, except for phonetic reasons, should Dodgson have associated himself with this unfortunate bird, lacking wits enough to hide its single egg or to run from its enemies? Can we reconstruct our Dodo from a single boner? ” It may indeed, though the only documentation we have so far (in a letter from Mrs. Skene) refers to his stammering on the “P” sound. As to Canon Duckworth—in the manuscript the Duck has a speech later transferred to the Eaglet (Edith).

It tells the day of the month. ” It is the fourth, two days wrong—there are two days between the lunar and the calendar month. And the fourth is Alice’s birthday. Another gem comes from Robert Graves’s article in the Atlantic Monthly for August, 1957, “Mushrooms, Food of the Gods”: “... the scarletcapped fly amanite, which ... mycophobes regard as the most poisonous of all, though no one is ever recorded to have died from eating it! Oddly enough, its earliest appearance in English Literature is a charming one: Lewis Carroll’s account of how Alice ate the mushroom on which the Caterpillar sat smoking his hookah, and could thus become shorter or taller at will.

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