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Most of the findings of this study are based on four sources. 5 percent). Second, interviews with leaders of 62 interest groups were conducted by the author in 1987 to 1989, unveiling important facets of Israeli group life. Wilson (1987: 10) has noted the strong negative connotations of the word "pressure" in the French context. " The subjects of the research, therefore, were approached as, and the questionnaires referred to, "public organizations" rather than interest groups. Having surmounted this difficulty in terminology the interviews Introduction 27 ranged in length from one hour to a series of consecutive meetings, altogether lasting a couple of hours, with the major interest groups in each analytical category.

The diffusion of these groups is also linked to changes in the distribution of power. They constitute a countervailing force to the traditional business groups and organizations. They challenge corporations and they combat the big economic associations, despite their undeniable inferiority in regard to organizational resources. Public interest activism, Introduction 25 Vogel has argued "succeeded in significantly narrowing the boundaries of managerial discretions. Many corporate abuses were reduced and those that continue are now less likely to go unchallenged.

Under corporatism, the availability of joint interest group-state forums is self-evident. The institutionalized links between interest groups and government make all other strategies and means of influence superfluous. There is no need to lobby, to 16 Land of Paradoxes mobilize public opinion, to establish intermittent contacts with government officials, to court legislators or local representatives, to demonstrate, to protest, or for that matter to forge close links with political parties. Under corporatism, regular, institutionalized consultation is designed to achieve agreement, which is the blueprint for corporatist arrangements.

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