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By Peter Anghelides

The health care professional and Sam trip to a planet being made right into a mammoth excitement palace. Eco-terrorists are sabotaging the undertaking as the building crews are destroying the outdated civilization. The health care provider and Sam get stuck up within the turmoil.

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He pointed towards the far tunnel exit. ‘Good news at last,’ said the Doctor, beckoning the four newcomers over. He swiftly apprised them of Gray’s condition in a low, urgent voice. Then he took them over to Saraband and explained her situation too. Without waking her, the medics were able to fit a plastic brace around her broken arm, before unfolding a portable canvas stretcher and loading her onto it. Kadijk watched them attach lanterns to the stretcher, and then carry it and its load carefully over the debris in the room and out into the darkness of the centre tunnel.

The call from Professor Saraband came in three hours ago. These men must have been dead for at least that long. And you would know that, wouldn’t you, Doctor? ’ He smiled ingratiatingly at Jones. ‘I’m sure you remember too. ’ ‘Alas,’ called the Doctor, striding swiftly across to them, ‘our chronometer went down with our transport. Glug, glug,’ he added helpfully, putting his arm around Jones to adjust the coat on her shoulders; Kadijk realised that it would actually fit him. But before he could comment further, he saw the Doctor chaperoning Jones back towards the centre of the cavern.

He said he was angry that she hadn’t waited at the school for him. She said he was just upset because he’d forgotten about her, and someone else had seen her home. John had slunk off during the row. She told herself later that she hated boys who smoked. She told Melissa and Shobu in Year 9 that John was a rotten kisser. She also thought about how her mum held her hand in Regent Street when they went shopping for party clothes when she was thirteen – thirteen, for heaven’s sake – her grip firm and possessive as she steered her daughter through the traffic.

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