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By Professor Daniel R Mandell

Among 1675 and 1676, King Philip's battle shattered local tribes and devastated the hot English colonies in a single of the main major American wars of the seventeenth century. The clash that caused this poor struggle constructed over 50 years, as Indians stumbled on their lands shrinking and their assets threatened via the colonists. The strong Pequot and Narragansett tribes have been subjugated, and Wampanoag chief King Philip (Metacom) observed his lands taken and his counselors done. In July 1675, his warriors begun an rebellion that received the help of alternative tribes and despatched refugees streaming into Boston. King Philip's battle is a penetrating account of this decisive war of words, which eventually ended in the tip of local independence within the sector.

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About five days later, John Easton of Rhode Island led his small band to a ford near Metacom’s village to seek a way to prevent the looming hostilities. Unfortunately, while his meeting with the Wampanoag sachem was fairly amiable, his efforts to set up a means to mediate the conflict were unsuccessful. On June 19, Governor Winslow sent a message to Metacom asking the Wampanoags to surrender their arms and meet with the colony. ” The governor then contacted his counterpart in Massachusetts, John Leverett, warning of the likely war and asking him to ensure the loyalty of the Nipmuc and Narragansett tribes.

The Narragansetts took similar action and won the Crown’s official support. During the next decade, Metacom maneuvered to maintain his authority and his people’s welfare as the English population and power grew. His tribal confederacy splintered under the persistent influence of colonial authorities and missionaries. In part to retain influence in these treacherous currents, Metacom sold tracts of land to various colonists and English investors. Conflicts over the uncertain borders War Clouds Build, 1660–1675 that followed, however, were rarely settled to his satisfaction, because colonial courts seemed biased.

This was probably why Thomas Savage decided to build a fort at Mount Hope. These sluggish tactics drew the scorn of Indian warriors, as Mary Rowlandson found out when she was captured at Lancaster, Massachusetts, in January 1676. I cannot but remember how the Indians derided the slowness, and dullness of the English army, in its setting out. For after the desolations at Lancaster and Medfield, as I went along with them, they asked me when I thought the English army would come after them? I told them I could not tell: It may be they will come in May, said they.

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