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By Vera Chapman

A paranormal glimpse into the mythical age of Arthurian chivalry. Ursulet, daughter of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, captured through Saxons and doomed to lsoe her kin and background. Knightly chivalry is beset through darkish Age barbarity during this richly woven tapestry of heroes and heroines, monsters and saints, temptresses and magicians.

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The sun had disappeared into clouds, and set without glow or colour, and the meres gleamed as coldly as mirrors in an empty room. Then, while there was still faint light in the sky, Lynett reined in her horse and they halted. She pointed, where far away a solitary hill rose, a towering pointed hill with a strange turret on its top. ’ he asked, almost in a whisper, for the name and the sight had struck awe into him. ‘No. We stay here. ’ And as he dismounted he saw, almost as if it had previously been invisible, a group of low dark buildings beside him.

KING ARTHUR’S DAUGHTER 39 With tears in his eyes, Ambris knelt and kissed the old man’s hand. Sir Bedivere smiled, and drew him to his feet. ‘He’ll do,’ he said. ‘Tall and has a look of the Orkneymen. ’ ‘It will suffice. She must be nearly two years older, of course, and we must not wait too long. ’ ‘Yes, I think it is time, or nearly so. See here,’ and from the back of the hut he brought what looked like a long garland of leaves, some parched dry, some only wilting as if newly plucked. There were bunches of different kinds of leaves, tied at regular intervals along a piece of cord.

I thought she was dead,’ Lynett said. ‘No, beings such as she are not slain so easily,’ said Bedivere. ’ Ambris asked. ‘She is Morgan le Fay, the mistress of all illusion and glamoury, skilled above all others in making that seem which is not. She was mighty for evil in King Arthur’s day. She is also some sort of kin to you,’ said Lynett, ‘for she is the sister of Vivian-Nimue, who was your mother’s grandmother, Merlin himself being your mother’s grandfather. ’ ‘And of Mordred also,’ said Bedivere.

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