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By Semko Semkov

This e-book of Chess Stars bargains a completely new method of the 4 Pawns assault opposed to the King's Indian Defence (KID). the writer develops unique competitive how one can strive against the child and research them in nice element. He additionally covers quite a few circulate orders for Black often called smooth Defence. there's no Kill child 2 ...yet. This undertaking is open to readers' suggestions.

From the creation to the book

"Warning! don't kill any child round, I in simple terms seek advice from the King's Indian Defence! That one, i've been attempting to kill for greater than twenty years. This e-book is primarily based alone unique research of the 4 Pawns assault (FPA). It doesn't provide simply minor advancements right here and there in a few inappropriate diversifications. I devised new plans in all of the significant structures and that i suggest a close research of all of the bobbing up branches i may consider. I hand over energetic chess in the past so i've got no cause to withhold any novelty I came across over all these years. to the contrary, i've got regularly desired to percentage my a number of discoveries. i think that present idea of the FPA is completely tousled if now not fullyyt incorrect. in spite of the fact that, I had a gaping gap often glossy Benoni line and it took me a long time to strike upon a good inspiration. i'm hoping it's going to reason massive headache to Black gamers. i've got regularly been unsatisfied with the Classical version opposed to the child. It collected such a big volume of concept that it really is impractical to maintain in speed with it even for a certified participant. Even higher challenge is the nature of positions that arise..."

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C419 ie3) 19 YlYe1 tLJhfS White has the better prospects. He is attacking with superior forces on the kingside, while the enemy counterplay on the opposite wing is rather unimpressive without the second knight. Black cannot survive with a passive stand, so he will sooner or later have to push .. f6. ; (although 20 Wh4 should be good, too) 20 ... f6 21 gxf6 tLJxf6 22 Wc2, bolstering the centre and eyeing g6. White's bishop pair has great potential. See game 1 KouatIy-Al Modiahki, Doha 1993, 2 W.

Xb2!? ) 16 ... ixf6 17 ixf6 ttJbd7 18 Elb1 (18 ttJxeS ttJxeS19 Elb1 ~d4+ 20 ~xd4 cxd4 21 ixeS Ele8 22 ixd4 Elxe2 23 Elfe1 Elxe1 + 24 Elxe1 id7 2S Ele7 Eld8 26 ~f2t. ) 18 ... ~a3 19 Elb3 ttJxf3+ 20 Elbxf3 ~xa2 21 ie7 ttJeS 22 Ele3 ttJc4 23 ixc4 ~xc4 24 ixf8 ~xf8 2S Elef3 fS 26 Ele1oo. Anyway, my impression was that Black's defence was too often based on checks along the gl-a7 diagonal, so I focused on: 13 ~h1!? exf4 14 ixf4 ttJf6 (14 ... ixb2 IS igS~) IS ttJxf6+ ixf6 16 Elc1~ ttJd7 17 ~d2 ~b6 18 b3 Ele8 19 ic4t It is not obvious how Black can disentangle his pieces.

I must confess that I sinned more than once in blitz with the incorrect sac 10 O-O? tLlxe4 11 tLlxe4 E1xe4 12 1d3 E1e8 13 f5, but it counts only on the cheapo 13 ... ixf5+) 14 tLlg5 tLle5 15 tLlxf7 tLlxf7 16 fxg6 tLle5 17 ~h5 hxg6 18ixg6 tLlxg6 19 ~xg6 1''lf8?? 20 1h6+-. Instead, 19 ... E1e7 20 1d2 ~e8+ or 19 ... E1e5+ repel the attack. 10 tLld2 is much more solid, but nowadays it is considered innocuous. Perhaps simplest is to develop the knight to a6 - 1Q ... tLla6 11 0-0 tLlc7 12 a4 b6 13 E1e11a6 14 E1a3 ixe2 15 E1xe2=, Spassky-Marin, France, 1991.

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