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By John Elray

A pressured Muslim convert defies all odds to develop into the splendid ruler of an empire that stretches from Egypt to Persia during this drama that pits Arab opposed to Arab through the Muslims' upward thrust to energy within the 7th century A.D. Mu'awiya is the son of the main vehement foe of the Prophet Muhammed, and amid the treachery, warfare, and political intrigue that stick to the Prophet's dying, Mu'awiya embarks on a 30-year odyssey to redeem his family's identify and become aware of his ambition to be a pacesetter within the new order. This gripping novel exposes the internal workings of a move whose conquests rivaled these of the Romans and whose effect on modern day lifestyles spans the globe.

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Shurahbil looked through the mass of dismounted turbans and head cloths. He Khalifah 23 pointed to a girl who appeared to be about sixteen, with long dark hair, and very pleasing to behold. I felt an erection coming on. " I nodded. "Her name is Leila; she's the wife of the enemy sheikh, Malik. Khalid hasn't taken his eyes off her during the whole journey. Her husband is living on borrowed time, and for my liking his end can't come soon enough. " The merchant cleared his throat. "Ah, kind sir, since you are a friend of the great Khalid I will let you have the skins at only forty dirhams a piece.

Shurahbil and I looked very much alike, so much so that people often mistook us for brothers. The main difference was in the fullness of our beards, mine being thinner and somewhat patchy, and, being of the Quraysh, I always wore a turban. We wended our way through the marketplace, pushing past the aimless crowds in a direction away from Khalid. A coffee vendor, under a large black canopy, beckoned for us to avail ourselves of the ample shade his establishment offered. He told us that the beans from which his coffee was made came from Medina.

On the journey here, my small party was stopped by a band of several hundred Bedouin under a sheikh whom they called Malik. " Khalid's dagger-like fingernails dueled with each other. " "My guides told me that he is the leader of the Beni Yerbu," Shurahbil replied. " Shurahbil shook his head. " One of the lesser amirs, a young man, called out to Khalid. "O Fearless One. I know of this sheikh Malik and have heard tell that he consorts with another false prophet, a woman, from Chaldea. " "Don't be ridiculous," Khalid replied.

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