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By Steven Rasmussen, Spreck Rosekraus

Key to Decimals starts off with uncomplicated suggestions and operations on decimals. It covers real-world makes use of of decimals in pricing, activities, metrics, calculators, and technology. Key to Decimals success-oriented procedure builds self belief and independence. e-book three covers: including and Subtracting evaluation Multiplying overview department strategies Dividing a Decimal quantity via an entire quantity 0 as a Placeholder in department alternative ways to specific Remainders Remainders as Decimal Fractions Repeating Decimals Dividing by way of complete Numbers and Dividing via Decimal Numbers Rewriting department difficulties Dividing via a Decimal quantity one other procedure for Dividing by means of a Decimal quantity Dividing through Hundredths Dividing an entire quantity via a Decimal quantity Unit Pricing note difficulties including, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing perform Test.Format: PaperbackPublisher: Key Curriculum PressISBN: 0-913684-23-6

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