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By Michael Thomas Ford

After 2 hundred years undead, Jane Austen nonetheless has chew. yet will her most modern literary good fortune be her final?   existence used to be much more uncomplicated for Jane while she was once simply an unknown, undead bookstall proprietor in a sleepy hamlet in upstate manhattan. yet now the area embraces her as Jane Fairfax, writer of the bestselling novel Constance—and she’s having a killer time attempting to continue her real id because the Jane Austen a mystery. Even the continuing classes in the best way to Be a Vampire, taught by way of her former lover Lord Byron, don’t appear to be aiding a lot. Jane can slightly concentrate on her boyfriend, Walter, whereas protecting him in the dead of night approximately her extra sanguine tastes.To make issues worse, Walter pronounces that his mom is coming for a visit—and she’s looking ahead to Jane to be Jewish. upload in a difficult new editor, a practice of romance readers in interval dress, a Hollywood digicam group following Jane’s each stream, and the consistent chance of a definite bloodsucking Bront? sister coming again to complete her off, and it’s adequate to make even the main well-mannered heroine pass batty!

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Yes, beloved, I belong to you forever, And forever, beloved, you are mine! Ah, only love, love makes me happy, I devote my life to you alone! Jane opened her eyes. “Don’t believe him, Janthe,” she said. “He’s going to break your heart. ” “Anthony,” the man answered as he rummaged around in one of the many bags he had with him. “But you can call me Ant. ” “Ant,” Jane repeated. “Of course. ” Ant nodded. “They were supposed to tell you we were coming,” he said as he fiddled with the controls on the video camera in his hands.

I’ve seen year-old vampires who could dematerialize more successfully,” he said. ” Jane exclaimed. “You can’t expect me to do it instantly. ” “You won’t always have time, Jane,” Byron said. ” Jane sighed. ” “You can’t,” said Byron. “I’ve been staked. ” “Oh, bother. ” “You did kill Our Gloomy Friend,” Byron reminded her. “She was already dead,” said Jane. “You didn’t know that at the time,” Byron countered. ” Jane huffed. “Anyway, I didn’t push her into that fire. She fell. ” She paused, remembering Lucy’s earlier question.

Hearing that a new opera about a vampire had recently premiered, she was curious to see it. When she found out that the opera was based on Dr. John Polidori’s novel The Vampyre, she was even more intrigued. It was Polidori, after all, who had vacationed with Byron at the villa on Lake Geneva the summer Jane was turned. “I suppose I thought I might understand him better or some such foolish notion,” Jane informed Jasper. “Byron, that is. ” The opera had devastated her. Sitting in the darkness of the balcony she had watched with mounting terror as the young woman, Janthe, fell under the spell of the handsome vampire and became his first victim.

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