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By Efraim Karsh

The Zionist circulate used to be born within the wake of Jewish emancipation in Western Europe, and at a time of elevated persecution in jap Europe. This quantity addresses the highbrow, social and political ramifications of Jewish cost in Eretz Israel sooner than the construction of the nation of Israel.

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16 Collective attachments to sanctified homelands have been a source of cohesion and conflict in all ages. Once a particular homeland has become sacred in the eyes of its inhabitants and identified with a particular community, it requires constant vigilance to maintain its status and character. For the sense of sacred homelands and the passionate attachments which that sense inspires is always being challenged both from within and from outside, inspiring a reassertion of the bond with an ancestral homeland.

16 Why the idea of an independent Palestinian State, to which Israel's founding fathers had subscribed already in the late 1940s, became anathema to most Israelis in later years is not difficult to understand given the persistence of the Arab-Israeli conflict, on the one hand, and the rekindled yearning for the entire Land of Israel following its capture during the 1967 Six Day War, on the other. It is clear, however, that so long as both peoples have not realized their right to national self-determination, no solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be possible.

Across the landscape lie the ‘sites of memory’: the fields of battle, the monuments to the fallen, the places of peace treaties, the temples of priests, the houses and resting-places of saints and heroes, the wildernesses of holy men, the sacred groves of the spirits, and the rivers and mountains of the gods who guard the land and its inhabitants. For the Swiss, lakes and mountain passes, fields and monuments defined the history of their ancient Confederation; but equally the memories of battles and treaties, oaths and heroic exploits, priestly reformers and peasant uprisings, invested the Alpine landscape with historic meanings, marking the growing extent of the Confederation's territory by the monuments and documents of the persons and events which shaped its growth.

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