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Emergent Computation emphasizes the interrelationship of different periods of languages studied in mathematical linguistics (regular, context-free, context-sensitive, and kind zero) with elements to the biochemistry of DNA, RNA, and proteins. moreover, features of sequential machines resembling parity checking and semi-groups are prolonged to the examine of the Biochemistry of DNA, RNA, and proteins.

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Introduction Along with global economic development, the research of the traffic intelligent monitoring becomes one of the research focuses of countries. Through the real-time collection, transmission and processing of the related traffic information, the current traffic operation status is grasped and future traffic condition is forecast. And with the aid of various equipment and means, different traffic conditions are dealt with. Also through powerful information communication means, the traffic information will be learnt by users rapidly.

The main function of the traffic detection system is to examine the speed, the flow, the vehicle type and the lane occupancy of the motor vehicles. The method based on ARM embedded system in this paper provides a new means for the traffic detection system research. Finally the prospect for further research is presented. 2. Detection Algorithm The conventional single-coil detector can detect the vehicle flow and the lane occupancy in a period of time. To each lane buried coil, the definitions of the two basic parameters are as follows [3], N T 1 N 1 N l O = ∑t j = ∑ i T j =1 T j =1 v j Q= (2) Where, Q is vehicle flow; O is lane occupancy in sampling period T ; N is the sum of vehicles passing through in the sampling period; t j is the used time of 1.

7. References [1] Altera Company. Cyclone II Device Handbook. March, 2008. [2] Zhang Liping, “Design of a minimum system development board based on the EP1C3T144”, Journal of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Vo30, No. 293-295, June 2007. [3] Altera Company. Nios II Processor Reference Handbook. 2, October 2007. Chan[2] 1 Mechanical School in South China U. of Technology, Guangzhou 510641 2 Industry Centre, Hong Kong Polytechnic U. hk[2] In following research it is considered the 2D linear interpolation by the least deviation method [3, 4].

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