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By Tanya Reinhart

During this monograph Tanya Reinhart discusses ideas allowing the interface of alternative cognitive structures, which she identifies because the structures of options, inference, context, and sound. Her element of departure is Noam Chomsky's speculation that language is optimally designed—namely, that during many circumstances, the naked minimal wanted for developing syntactic derivations is enough for the complete wishes of the interface. Deviations from this precept are seen as imperfections. The booklet covers extensive 4 components of the interface: quantifier scope, concentration, anaphora solution, and implicatures. the 1st query in every one quarter is what makes the computational procedure (CS, syntax) legible to the opposite platforms on the interface—how a lot of the knowledge wanted for the interface is coded already within the CS, and the way it really is coded. subsequent Reinhart argues that during every one of those components there are specific points of which means and use that can not be coded within the CS formal language, on either conceptual and empirical grounds. this accretion is ruled by way of interface recommendations that may be considered as fix of imperfections. They require developing and evaluating a reference set of other derivations to figure out even if a fix operation is certainly the one strategy to meet the interface standards. proof that reference-set computation applies in those 4 components comes from language acquisition. the mandatory computation poses a serious load on operating reminiscence. whereas adults can take care of this load, childrens, whose operating reminiscence is much less constructed, fail in projects requiring this computation.

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He appears to assume, further, that QR needs to apply only to capture scope-shift, as described above (which reflects a change in his earlier position). Suppose it is a movement of some feature like QUANT. Some functional feature must, then, be included in the numeration to host this feature, and it will eventually be merged in a topmost IP position. This functional feature will be allowed into the numeration only if it has an e¤ect on the output—that is, if the interpretation obtained is not identical to what will be obtained without scope-shift.

Fox (1995) proposed a precise formal statement of this intuition. He built it into the definition of the reference set, and at that stage it was applicable only for interface strategies governed by the MLC: the set out of which the MLC selects the most economical derivation includes only derivations that end up with the same interpretation. Technically, this means that the reference set consists of pairs hd, ii of derivation and interpretation, where the interpretation i is identical in all pairs.

As an argument against the Nuclear Stress Rule (NSR) or Chomsky’s (1971) focus analysis, it was repeatedly pointed out that in Reference-Set Computation 43 the appropriate context, main stress can fall anywhere, with e¤ects hardly distinguishable from that of the neutral stress. ) The crucial problem here as well is whether any content can be given to the concept of markedness. If there is no obvious way to distinguish neutral and marked stress, we run into the danger of vacuity— having a theory that excludes nothing regarding stress.

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