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Grandmaster Chris Ward explains the basic ideas which has to be mastered via gamers wishing to enhance their video game. Taking examples from his personal video games & these of different avid gamers, he exhibits how drawn positions may be switched over into victories.

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5 1 51 h 35J�e6! This intermediate move pours water on the flames and extinguishes Black's last hopes. �b6 ••• Karpov can choose to win in any way he pleases. 1Mrxb2!? ttJg7 mate! •. Maybe Karpov was short of time, otherwise it is hard to explain why Zsuzsa did not resign. lLle6! Karpov could also take the free piece, but his chosen move is even more accurate. 39 ... �xf5 1-0 In the fourth round Karpov made a quick draw with the black pieces against Ljubojevic, then he defeated the local players Fernandez Garcia, Fourth World Championship match versus Kasparov In 1 987 the Spanish town of Seville won the right to host the latest clash berween the rwo titans.

Ig4 Karpov develops quickly. c4?! Kasparov is somewhat impatient, and this premature attempt to open the game brings him no advantage. In their Chess Informant notes, Karpov and a b c d e f g h This looks like the critical move. The knight will need to come back into play �t some point, so White may as well combine it with the defence of the e2-pawn. 1 7 . . Wd7!? My preference is for Black to meet the impending c4 with . . dxc4, rather than blocking the centre with . . d4. With this in mind, the queen vacates the c-file.

Id3 2 5 . tLle4 Wc2 and Black wins. a b c d e f g h 20 J�ad8! tLlf2! ie6 when Black has a solid extra pawn, but the win is a long way off. • Karpov bases his strategy on his fluent piece play. tLld6. 13b3? 2 1 . tLl c3 should have been preferred, although after 2 1 . . l"i:d2 Black's active pieces give him the advantage. 2 1 ... 13xe3 23 ... liJrs This move does not spoil the win, but it was not the most efficient route to victory. Stronger was 23 . . tLl c2! Wg5 t Wd7 when Black wins as his king can escape to the queenside.

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