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1. What is a Semantic Role A semantic role is defined by HowNet as the inherent relation that a participant has with the event in a real or imagined context, which is also known as thematic role, theta role or deep case. " We believe that HowNet can give a satisfactory answer, because we have observed and coded over 95,000 meanings of Chinese and English words and expressions with inherent semantic roles. Before the penetrating discussion of the semantic roles in HowNet, two points should be emphasized: (1) Semantic roles should be defined without any consideration of syntactic structure; (2) They are strictly specified and matched to every event class, thus to every event in both Chinese and English.

Domain={entertainment| 2 } } 32. g. We've been working from morning to night We won't start until Bob comes 33. g. She has lived here ever since We've been workingyrom morning to night 46 HowNet and The Computation of Meaning 34. g. How soon will he come I'll come in a minute 35. g. He slept with the window opened Don't talk too much while eating or more events happen in "risk investment" DEF= {provide||£ :accompaniment= {dangerous|;ft;}, domain= {economyl^^} ,possession= {fund| rM ^ } } "take a walk with pet birds" DEF= {walk|^: :accompaniment= {bird|^} ,manner= {idle| pfcl}} 36.

We HowNet and The Computation of Meaning 28 believe that it is more important for us to represent the real meaning of the words and expressions than trying to give any evidence to justify the existence or non-existence of Chinese words. Anyway if we leave alone for the time being the argument about "word or no word" in the Chinese language, we may at least assume that all the words and expressions above-listed are phrase-like. It is clear that they are combined by two meaningful components. We believed that the sememes we tried to acquire must be there among them.

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