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By Erik Dahl, Timothy Ferguson, Matt Ryan

The genuine Lineages are the spine of the Order of Hermes. In those 4 airtight homes, every one magus used to be taught via a magus of the home, and that master-apprentice courting is going again to the founders. This sourcebook information the 4 real Lineages, together with principles for unique examine, exact different types of magic, and new Virtues and Flaws.

condominium Bonisagus descends from the 2 magi who created the Order, and keeps to provide wisdom and management. They discover the theoretical purposes of magic, delving deeper into its arcane secrets and techniques. and so they suggest peace and cooperation one of the homes, trying to find different wizards who may perhaps give a contribution to the group of magi.

condominium Guernicus upholds and enforces the Code of Hermes because the authentic judges and investigators of the Order. Its Quaesitores think they stand opposed to the wheel of destiny, slowing it as most sensible they could. via the efforts of its magi, the elemental constructions of airtight society have remained intact for over 400 years.

apartment Mercere holds the magi of Mythic Europe jointly by means of facilitating communique, encouraging exchange, and assisting their sodales. Its heralds, heroes, mercenaries, and retailers mirror the contractictions in their condo: it's unique, yet conventional; dependable, yet self-centered; proud, yet humble.

apartment Tremere presents the power of the Order. It controls occasions and prepares for coming battles, amassing impact and assets to reply to crises as they draw close to. Tremere are pragmatic, dutiful, and brave magi who comprehend that Mythic Europe is a chaotic and unsafe place.

those are the genuine Lineages. with out all of them, the Order of Hermes may definitely fall.

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His pedestrian approach is fairly safe, at these small magnitudes, and he has little to fear; a magnitude 1 spell — any result on the simple die will not yield Warping Points at this stage. After seven seasons of experimentation, Tillitus has produced a stabilized discovery of magnitude 1. He can’t believe his good luck! Example Discoveries The following four discoveries are examples of original research. Storyguides may use them as innovations already present in the Order, as goals designed for players to invent, or simply as examples to base their own creations on.

Realm-Aligned Spell Interaction Table Aura Type Magic Divine Faerie Infernal Magic no bonus – (3 x aura) + (1/2 aura) – aura Realm-Aligned Spell Faerie + (1/2 aura) – (4 x aura) no bonus – (2 x aura) 34 Infernal – aura – (5 x aura) – aura no bonus Chapter Two House Guernicus tigate individuals and covenants suspected of breaking the Code of Hermes. To aid their task, they have uncovered the roots of Hermetic magic in Rome, Greece and ancient Egypt. This gives them strength of tradition and access to powerful, secret rituals, which they guard in their domus magna.

From Charlemagne on, no noble has yet been ill-advised enough to try. The power of Magvillus’s Aegis of the Hearth ritual is a secret, but it is commonly thought to be around the tenth magnitude. In times of conflict it is rumored that an Aegis of fifteenth magnitude is available. The towers of the Magvillus fortress are thought to contain a number of ancient artifacts found by Fenicil; what these do is unknown to all but the inner council. In addition to the structures above ground, the keep gives access to many vast underground chambers; also covered by the Aegis of the Hearth.

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