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By Sara Shepard

In picturesque Rosewood, Pennsylvania, friends gossip over wood fences, and sparkling SUVs sit down in each crushed-granite driveway. yet lately, pleasant smiles were changed with suspicious glares and accusatory whispers—and it is all simply because Hanna, Aria, Emily, and Spencer simply cannot hold their mouths close. . . . First they claimed they discovered a useless physique within the woods in the back of Spencer's condo, purely to have it vanish and not using a hint. Then whilst a similar woods went up in flames, they swore they observed an individual who is imagined to be lifeless upward thrust from the ashes. or even in the end that, the gorgeous little liars are nonetheless fiddling with hearth. Hanna's buying and selling in her Dior trench for a straitjacket. Aria's attempting to touch the useless. Emily's dumped her boyfriend and is skipping city . . . back. And Spencer thinks anyone in her kin has gotten away with homicide. the chums insist they're telling the reality approximately what they observed, yet all of Rosewood thinks they're easily out for attention—and not anyone likes a woman who cries wolf. So while the massive undesirable killer comes after the ladies, will a person think them . . . or will they be the subsequent to vanish?

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We don‘t allow you to surf the Internet or read the paper, and we don‘t allow live TV. We do have an extensive selection of DVDs for you to choose from. ‖ Hanna opened her mouth, but only a small, squeaky ohh sound came out. No TV? No Internet? No phone calls? How the hell was she supposed to talk to Mike? Denise held out her palm, waiting. Helplessly, Hanna handed over the iPhone and watched as Denise wound the little earbuds around the device and dropped it in her lab coat pocket. ―Your schedule is on your nightstand,‖ Denise said.

There was a neon pentacle in the window and a green sign on the door that read TAROT CARDS, PALM READINGS, PAGAN, WICCAN, CURIOS. And underneath that, SEANCES AND OTHER PSYCHIC SERVICES OFFERED HERE. INQUIRE INSIDE. After Aria‘s talk with Byron yesterday, she‘d become more and more convinced that they‘d seen Ali‘s ghost. It made so much sense—for months, Aria had sworn someone had been watching her, looming near her old bedroom window, peeking out of the thick woods, ducking out of sight around a corner at Rosewood Day.

Luckily, Ali had been okay—until a few minutes later, anyway, when someone else shoved her in that half-dug hole in her backyard. ―I told Wilden that we hadn‘t seen anything strange and that we‘d been together the whole time,‖ Melissa went on. Spencer nodded. ―But after that, Mom asked if I would‘ve given Wilden the same story if Ian hadn‘t been in the room with me. I told her it was the truth. But after she kept pushing, I slipped up and said we‘d been drinking. Mom pounced on me. ‗You need to be really, really sure about what you tell the police,‘ she kept saying.

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