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By George E Slusser

Those sixteen essays from the 5th annual J. Lloyd Eaton convention on the Univer­sity of California, Riverside, search to return to grips with technological know-how fiction’s center, the middle at which “science needs to ulti­mately appear to outweigh the fiction.” Never prior to has not easy SF been the subject of such prolonged dialogue through such certified humans. The discussion con­stitutes new (and probably stunning to a standard literary critic) modes of lit­erary feedback, modes that take into ac­count the influence of clinical specula­tion and technique on our tradition and at the methods our tradition invents tales and myths. Essayists contain writer/scientist pro­fessors Robert L. ahead, David Brin, and Gregory Benford. famous critics and writers with clinical backgrounds or pursuits contain: James Gunn, Frank McConnell, George Guffey, John Hunt­ington, Paul Carter, Patricia Warrick, Paul Alkon, Robert M. Philmus, David Clayton, Eric S. Rabkin, Herbert Suss­man, Michael Collings, and George E. Slusser.

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Forward, it is true that hard SF authors must bow to an outside master. They abdicate to Reality some of the storycasting role most writers jealously preserve for their own imaginations. Not all authors can, or wish to learn this partnership. All in all, it is easier to craft a dragon than a good spaceship. But there is an additional factor that I believe is having a major impact on hard SF today. It is implicit in the discussion given above. It has to do with the ferocious nature of speculation itself.

For, like the writer of a murder mystery, the hard SF author likes nothing better than to have a peer smack himself in the forehead and exclaim, "Of course! ") There is some pride in being the first to write about life on a neutron star, or a physically possible world in the shape of a ring, or communications through time in a manner not inconsistent with known physics. Indeed, so many of our recent advances in science and technology were predicted by the hard SF of the forties and fifties that one is compelled to wonder which hard SF speculation of the eighties will be vindicated by history.

Science fictionCongresses. I. Slusser, George Edgar. II. Rabkin, Eric S. III. Eaton Conference on Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature (5th: 1983: University of California, Riverside) IV. Series. 3'876 8427644 ISBN 0-8093-1234-4 Page v Contents Introduction George E. Slusser and Eric S. Rabkin vii When Science Writes the Fiction Dr. Robert L. Forward 1 Running Out of Speculative Niches: A Crisis for Hard Science Fiction? David Brin 8 Sturgeon's Law: First Corollary Frank McConnell 14 The Unconscious City Eric S.

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