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By Jenna Black

It is all she's ever desired to be, however it could not be farther from her grasp... Dana Hathaway does not comprehend it but, yet she's in significant trouble.  while her alcoholic mother exhibits up at her voice recital inebriated, back, Dana comes to a decision she's had sufficient and runs away to discover her mysterious father in Avalon: the one position in the world the place the standard, daily global and the eye-catching, magical global of Faerie intersect. yet from the instant Dana units foot in Avalon, every little thing is going unsuitable, for it seems she is not only a typical teenage girl--she's a Faeriewalker, a unprecedented person who can shuttle among either worlds, and the single one who can deliver magic into the human international and expertise into Faerie.   Soon, Dana reveals herself knotted up in a cutthroat video game of Fae politics. a persons attempting to kill her, and everybody turns out to wish whatever from her, from her newfound family and friends to Ethan, the new Fae man Dana figures she'll by no means have an opportunity with... till she does.  stuck among worlds, Dana is not definite the place she'll ever slot in and who might be depended on, let alone if her international will ever be common again...

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I will arrange for another officer to fill in for me for a couple of hours,” she said in another one of her non-answers. “I’ll take you home. If you’d like to stop and grab something to eat first, just let me know. ” My stomach gurgled, but I wasn’t sure it was from hunger. One thing I knew for sure was I didn’t want to go home with Grace. ” I asked, already knowing the answer would be no. Grace made a sad face. “I’m afraid not, dear. He isn’t home at the moment, and I don’t have a key. But have no fear—you need only stay with me a day or two.

Grace barked some orders at them—arranging for someone to cover for her during her field trip—and then we were wending our way through the corridors again. Eventually, we came to a key-carded door. Aunt Grace swiped her card, and the door opened onto the parking lot that I had spotted when I’d been standing in line. She guided me to an elegant black Mercedes. The car was so pristine she could have driven it off the lot five minutes ago. It had that lovely new car scent, somewhat spoiled by the tacky, rose-shaped car freshener that hung from the rearview mirror.

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