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By Carlos G.Vallas

The substitute to violence

Gandhi completed, for the 1st time in historical past, the independence of a superb nation from an exceptional empire with no waging a battle of independence. as much as his day, colonies in the USA and Asia had received independence from the colonizing powers in Europe, yet by no means with no struggle. Even in India, a few political and armed forces leaders like Nehru, Patel and Subash Chandra Bose suggestion an armed rebellion will be invaluable and a conflict must be waged to loose India from Britain. yet Gandhi prevailed, and gained. He accomplished independence via peaceable skill. That used to be a landmark in background. After him and during his instance, many extra international locations in Asia and Africa did steadily develop into self sufficient with no warfare, and this can be accurately Gandhi's very important contribution to the background of the human race. Freedom with out struggle.

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I could not find the reference, but I did learn an important feature of the new language. There is no "before" and no "after". Everything turns round and round. No hurry. No "wasting time" because time will always obligingly come again. No urgency to do anything, as there are before us innumerable reincarnations in which we'll have ample time to do it. I remember with glee how people laughed when they saw an American tourist "doing", as they say, the seven bridges of the River Jhelum in Shrinagar in a shikara, the flat boat meant to be leisurely driven by a single oar, but which he had hired eight oarsmen to propel at full speed while he took pictures right and left with his camera to record his achievement.

No physical attractiveness, no eloquence, no scholarship, no art. Pure simplicity, clarity, and honesty. The firm ideal to be obtained, and the personal example to lead the way to it. With that alone he gathered round himself a distinguished set of faithful followers, he attracted the most outstanding figures in India, he lead them all to the final victory. One more example, the one of Kalelkar, Gandhi's intellectual heir, writer and educationist, orthodox Brahmin and convinced ecumenist, whose witness I collected from his own lips in the long days of the friendship that united me to him till his death some years ago.

That was the first of Gandhi's famous fasts in India. The tree near the side of the Sabarmati River under which Gandhi sat when proclaiming his fast is still there, and I have stood by its reliving in my heart with reverence and wonder that pregnant moment of world history. Gandhi insisted that his fast was not meant to make the mill- owners yield but to get the workers to stand firm in their promise. And the workers understood him at once. They got back their courage and their enthusiasm, they reaffirmed their promise and stood on their dignity.

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