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By Stasi Eldredge

As you input your teenager years, bestselling writer Stasi Eldredge invitations you at the most crucial trip you'll ever take: the adventure of turning into the younger girl God created you to be!

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The problem lies with the lists. By the way, we humans are great ones for making lists. Codes of behavior. Rules of etiquette. Cover your mouth when you yawn. Keep your napkin on your lap. Don’t talk while you are eating. Chew with your mouth closed. Don’t interrupt. Raise your hand. Wait your turn. Stand up straight. Aren’t you tired just reading this? What else is on your list of how to behave? God gave Israel a fabulous list. Do not lie. Do not steal. Do not covet your neighbor’s wife, servant, ox, donkey, or new boots.

Were you there, God? Where? ” what are we doing with it? Every human being has some vital place in her life where she is not living in the victory she longs for, and it colors how she views herself. Every person’s personal struggle rooted in her past, be it a deep-rooted self-hatred or a pressing need to control her world, makes her desperate for God. We all have something that brings us to our knees. It isn’t something we would ever choose for ourselves or wish on anyone else, but we all have an area—or ten—in our lives that drives us to need God.

Be courageous. Be YOU. Care for your heart. Care for your body. Allow yourself to dream. Ask questions. Break barriers. Write thank-you notes. Pursue truth. Pursue healing. Pursue Jesus. Laugh. Explore. Pay more attention to how you feel than how you look. Tell yourself you’re beautiful. Go for a walk. Daydream. Take a self-defense course. Volunteer. Be an advocate for someone in need. Find your passion. Read a book just for fun. Pray. Listen. Find pictures in clouds. Laugh at yourself. Smile at strangers.

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