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By Diane Lindsey Reeves

Appropriate for aspiring firefighters, this publication appears at a role within the box of fireside protection. It comprises chapters equivalent to: Smoke, Fires, and an entire Lot extra; scuffling with Fires, Saving Lives, Doing Chores; Firefighting Tech and tendencies; Brains, Brawn, and center; Up the Ladder and behind the curtain; and, teenagers Ask, Firefighters solution.

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I am so grateful to my new dad for suggesting that I try firefighting. Newspaper staff at Moore Square Museum Magnet School in Raleigh, North Carolina. 47 Virtual Apprentice: Firefighter Firefighter Campbell: When I was in eighth grade, my family took a vacation to Yellowstone. This just so happened to be when the big 1988 fires occurred. While touring through the park, we saw many fires and I became intrigued with the difference the hardworking firefighters were making. Firefighter Bennett: This answer is an easy one for me.

If so, you, along with virtually every other youngster in America, were probably mesmerized by the shiny red trucks, the sirens, and all that gear. Chances are you even fantasized about growing up to become a firefighter some day. Now that you’re older and wiser, schedule another visit. Ask if you can hang out for an hour or a day and see what it’s really like to be CheCK it OUt 30 a firefighter. Look around. Ask questions. ” lens. If the answer is a resounding yes, or even slightly more than maybe, take things a step farther and get involved.

51 Virtual Apprentice: Firefighter Battalion Chief Scott: Losing my air supply inside a smokefilled structure. Now that my job doesn’t usually require me to be inside a burning structure, I worry about the firefighters’ safety under my command. Chief Painter: I hope to never have to have one of my occupational brothers or sisters seriously hurt or killed at an emergency. Our focus, first and foremost, is on the safety of our personnel. But many of the things we are asked to do are inherently dangerous and unpredictable.

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