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By Robert Macklin

A ripping yarn approximately bush ranging in Australia within the nineteenth century informed throughout the eyes of the critical Australian bushranger, Frank Gardiner—the just one who wasn't killed via gunshot or hanging.

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Da spurred his horse into the water then threw himself out of the saddle in Charlie’s direction. Charlie’s long, thin arm came up out of the brown water and Da splashed and struggled toward him. But the current was too strong and Da was swept away too. I ran along the bank shouting and yelling at them but round the corner the rushing tide foamed onto rocks and, when I reached them, Charlie was gone and my da was being dragged under. There was nothing I could do. ’ I cried. ’ He looked in my direction, his eyes wide with fear, then his face disappeared into the brown water.

Graves grabbed his kerchief from his top pocket, and in the confusion, staunched the flow. ‘Dear Lord,’ Herbie said with fierce distaste. ’ He wiped the blood away with his own kerchief. ‘I really will see your doctor . ’ ‘Frank will take you there himself,’ Herbie said. ‘Won’t you, Frank? Just as soon—’ ‘Thank you, Mr London,’ Graves said. ’ Herbie didn’t even have the grace to blush. ‘Two hundred,’ he said and tossed in a pair of chips. Graves somewhat distractedly raised him 100 dollars; I raised 200.

I ignored the warnings from Fanny and Dan, thinking there was professional jealousy at play. We became thick as thieves. Herbie spun me his yarns and I told him a little of my career on the road. He was full of good intentions, eager to learn the trade and, though he could be a pain in the arse 43 Fire in the Blood with his bogus airs and graces, and a mite unreliable with the greenback, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I have always valued mateship. Perhaps that’s my weakness, but unless you can rely on a mate there’s little in life worth the candle.

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