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The certainty the Bible statement sequence is helping any reader navigate the unusual and occasionally intimidating literary terrain of the Bible. those obtainable volumes holiday down the obstacles among the traditional and smooth worlds in order that the facility and that means of the biblical texts turn into obvious to modern readers. The individuals take on the duty of interpretation utilizing the whole variety of serious methodologies and practices, but they accomplish that as humans of religion who carry the textual content within the optimum regard. Pastors, lecturers, and lay humans alike will cherish the simply comprehensible fact present in this statement sequence.

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Exod. 39:27-29; Lev. 16:4, 23). Instead of a tool for destruction, this seventh figure has a writing kit at his side (v. 2): like Ezekiel himself, this figure is both a priest and a writer. To the scribe angel the Lord gives a charge: "Go through­ out the city of Jerusalem and put a mark on the foreheads of those who grieve and lament over all the detestable things that are done in it" (v. 4). This immediately calls to mind the mark 8:16-18 I Now, at last, Ezekiel passes through the north gate into the inner court of the temple.

Gen. , Gen. 18:2832), and to "the destroyer" the Lord unleashed upon the Egyp­ tians in the tenth plague (Exod. 12:23). In verse 2 here, the Hebrew word for weapon refers to "an implement of shattering" (Niv reads deadly weapon). Jeremiah 51:20 uses forms of both terms, with reference to the Lord's war club. Even before the Lord issues or­ ders, then, it is clear that God has summoned these six men i n judgment, to shatter and destroy. Also foreshadowing the coming destruction is the movement of the divine Glory from above the cherubim, where it had been .

18:4). We will discuss this idea in greater detail when we cons1der this passage in context. For now, note that Ezekiel �olds personal and corporate responsibility in an unresolved tens1on. tho�e who escaped the disaster of Jerusalem's siege and fall-that IS, h1s community of exiles in Babylon-because of their righteousness (see 6:9-10), making that interpretation unlikely here as well. Perhaps all the mark means is that God does not hold those marked responsible for Jerusalem's sin, even though they must suffer Jerusalem's fate.

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