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12 Power Line Conditioning Power line conditioning was designed to provide protection to the SIS from power line abnormalities such as outages, lightning, dips, sags, brown-outs, surges, and spikes. , short circuit, overload) of the devices being protected • Located to protect each SIS device as well as cone of protection. The existing power distribution system does have harmonic content. The SIS power distribution system was designed to provide protection against harmonics. SIS overload and short circuit protection were provided with the following features: • Individual fusing of each I/O circuit to limit the effect of a fault in that circuit • Coordinating the branch fuse with the circuits feeding the branch to minimize the possibility of a larger part of the I/O structure being disabled by a low level fault.

Length and diameter of pneumatic power and signal tubing sized to provide satisfactory performance. b) Electricity 1. Used redundant power source for SIS logic solver, inputs, HMI, and diagnostic outputs. 2. Provided time delay under voltage protection (30 cycles) for motor loads. 3. Alternate power source has the same power quality as the primary source. 4. , UPS) so that each can be maintained without impacting the performance of the other. 5. SIS was designed with start-up permissive that requires availability of all SIS electrical circuits.

The pressure and temperature transmitters are smart devices, contain programmable (fixed programming language) elements and have a claim limit of SIL2 based on compliance with IEC 61508. , SIF S-1 & SIF S-2). 1) were used in design to ensure that systematic software errors are at a level commensurate with a SIL 3 application. b) For SIF S-2, prior use analysis (see note below), fault tree analysis (see Figure 7) and diagnostics were used to ensure that systematic software failures in the transmitters are at a level commensurate with a SIL 3 application.

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